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Custom Branded Single Use Hand Sanitizer

Show your clients and employees you care.

Hand Sanitizer Your Customers Can Use Wherever, Whenever, and Right Now.

Put your business behind the health and safety of your customers with Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Packets, customized with your logo and the scent of your choice.

These single-use packets contain 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer and are made in the USA.

Individual Size - Great for the office, restaurants, and stores to keep your employees, customers, and patients safe.

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Antibacterial hand sanitizer with 70% of alcohol. Kills 99,9% of germs.

The perfect size for pockets or carry-on luggage, easy access to hand sanitizer at all times.

2 options to choose from rectangular and bottle shapes

Choose your scent: peppermint or unscented
(orange coming soon)


Elevate Your Brand

It’s 300 single use sanitizers with your logo on it, in a dispensary box—and it’s awesome in its simplicity... Your employees or customers will keep it in their pocket, purse, or glove box, kills 99.9% of common germs and bacteria on-the-go! Don’t we all need a little help staying healthy these days?

Let them associate your branding with safety and consideration each time they get clean! 

Because We Care

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WoW Packets quick clean sanitizer packs are the perfect choice for guests, employees, customers, patients, family, and those who wants to keep their hands sanitized without drying skin or causing any irritation making them ideal for daily use.


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Marble Surface

Kyle Smith

Great product and quick turnaround.  Very happy with the product. We will be reordering soon.

Steven & Lisa Kim

Amazing wine sachets for our small testing room.  Patrons love them!!  Thank you WOW Packets!

Angela Dykstra

Purchased a few boxes for our medical office and we are completely out.  Parents and kids can’t get enough of them. 


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Made in the USA  

Because we care

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Flat rate shipping $9.99

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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